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Introducing the Cosmetic Importers Association of Japan

Saori Kanno,  PresidentThe Cosmetics Importers Association of Japan (CIAJ) was initially established more than 40 years ago in 1971 (formerly named Japan Cosmetic Importers Association). Since then, we have played an important role in order to respond quickly and appropriately to changes in our society, including the relaxation of cosmetics regulation and revisions to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

During these last 10 years, in an environment of rapid social change, new categories of cosmetics have been created based upon lifestyle needs and innovation in ingredients, bringing about an increased variety in product forms. Change in the distribution sector, namely the growth of e-commerce has dramatically changed consumer behavior and the accompanying changes in the methods and platforms for advertising and marketing have been surprising in their speed and scope.

At the same time, appealing cosmetics are being imported into Japan from an increasing number of countries and Japan’s imported cosmetic products market offers great promise and possibility.

My priority is to respond effectively to these changes and that more Japanese consumers may experience the dreams and new joys offered by imported cosmetics, and it is my hope that the imported cosmetics market will continue to expand in Japan.

Our association is the only association in Japan representing companies who import and sell imported cosmetics in Japan. We intend to make an impact in our environment in Japan by encouraging not only the advancement of the imported cosmetics sector but the healthy growth and prosperity of the entire Japanese cosmetics industry.

Saori Kanno, President


Our Association saw its beginnings in a group of 15 companies formed in 1960 to carry out requests for the formerly Ministry of International Trade and Industry(currently Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), one of them drawing up strategies for facilitating cosmetic imports into Japan. However, it was not actually established as a proper entity until 1971, when it was inaugurated as the Japan Cosmetic Importers Association, a body approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry under the Export and import Transaction Law (Law No.299, 1952) with the aim of achieving fair and workable quotas during the systemization of import quotas that was taking place at the time. Later, in April 1999, we became more independent so that we could opareta on a much wider scale in order to respond to a major shift in policy from one concentrating on exports to one that promoted imports as well as tremendous changes in economic conditions both at home and abroad. In line with this, we assumed our present name of Cosmetic Importers Association of Japan(CIAJ).


The Cosmetic Importers Association of Japan aims to establish fair and orderly import procedures and conduct activities that produce benefits for all of its members in order to ensure sustained growth for the imported cosmetics industry. Another of its objectives is to facilitate communication and dissemination of knowledge among its members.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Principal Activities

  1. Education of members with respect to transactions involved in the import of cosmetics and information sharing in this regard
  2. Collecting information relating to the import of cosmetics, conducting various statistical analysis and provideing the results to members
  3. Collecting information from related government offices and providing it to members
  4. Submitting requests to related government offices
  5. Communicating with related bodies in Japan and abroad and cooperating with them
  6. Holding lecture meetings and seminars for the education of members
  7. Providing information to consumers

Other Activities

The Board of Directors of the Cosmetic Importers Association of Japan is responsible for decision making with regard to the planning of activities and overall operation of the Association, Under it are four committees which carry out a wide range of different activities.

Committees and Their Functions

  1. Planning and Management Committee
    • Advisory Committee to Board of Directors
    • Drawing up medium and long-term plans for Association
    • Planning of Association events
  2. Technical Committee
    • Strategies for dealing with Pharmaceutical Affairs regulations
    • Submitting requests to related public offices
    • Policy making for and operation of Technical Section Meeting whose purpose is to provide information to members
  3. Legal Committee
    • Strategies for dealing with regulations other than those of the Pharmaceutical Affairs regulations (intellectual property. environment and consumer protection ets.)
    • Planning and operation of Seminars.
  4. PR Committee
    • Planning and conducting PR activities
    • Enhancing liaison with related government offices and other related bodies
    • Upgrading home page

Liaison with Related Government Offices and Other Related Bodies

The Association works closely together with related government offices and other related bodies in order to ensure that its activities are conducted smoothly.

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Safety Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health Office. Bureau of Public Health, Food and Pharmaceutical Quality Control Division
  • Customs and Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance
  • Fair Trade Commission
  • Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
  • Cosmetic Fair Trade Conference
  • Cosmetic Soap Fair Trade Conference
  • Japan Dentifrice Manufacturers' Association
  • Japan Soap and Detergent Association
  • Japan Hair Color Industry Association
  • Japan Permanent Waving Lotion Industry Association
  • Japan Bath Additive Industry Association
  • European Business Community, Cosmetics Committee
  • American Cahmber of Commerce in Japan, Toiletry, Cosmetics and Fragrance Committee
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists Of Japan
  • Japan External Trade Organization
  • Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc
  • Manufactured Imports Promotion Organization
  • Japan Shippers' Council

Holding of Lecture Meetings, Seminars and Technical Section Meetings

The Technical and Legal Committees are mainly responsible for the planning and organization of lecture meetings, seminars and Technical Section meetings. They provide opportunities for members to gain information in a timely manner and bring their knowledge up to date.

Examples of recent meeting themes

●Lecture meeting, seminars

- Specialties are invited to lecture on themes relevant to current needs -

  • Basic regulation on Cosmetic Import and Sales
  • GMP on Cosmetics
  • Regulations on Cosmetic Advertisement
  • Patent & Trade Mark
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Affairs Law on Cosmetics
  • Fair Competition Rules on Cosmetics
●Technical Section Meeting

- Their major purpose is to explain the practical aspects of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Affairs Law to supervising chemists -

  • Alternative method of animal testing
  • Renewal of marketing license and manufacturing license
  • ISO cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Guideline of Cosmetic Fair Advertising Practice

Provision of Various Kinds of Information

The Association provides the latest information pertaining to regulations and other aspects of the import and sale of cosmetics in a timely manner through its home page and notices issued by its Secretariat.

Association Home Page

First set up in December 2000 and revised in March 2013, our home page is divided into two sections -a general section for consumers and non-member organizations and a section for members only.

The general section includes a profile of Association, a member list, the rules of Association and enquiry information.
The members section mainly contains the latest government office notices, communications from the Secretariat and information on forthcoming meetings and association events, and general reference link with frequently asked questions for your convenience.

We will contribute our efforts to upgrade and expand the content of our home page.


Membership Information


The members of the Cosmetic Importers Association of Japan comprise regular members and associate members. Eligibility for membership is as follows

  1. A regular member has to be authorized to manufacture cosmetics or quasi-drug and/or market such imported cosmetics or quasi-drug under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Affairs Law
  2. A associate member has to be authorized as in
      1. above, be considering obtaining such authorization or have specialist knowledge enabling them to give advice concerning the regular importing of cosmetics.

Benefits of membership

Membership of the Cosmetic Importers Association of Japan affords the following benefits:

  • Access to regulatory and other information relevant to the importing of cosmetics and the marketing of such imported cosmetics
  • Participation in lecture meetings, seminars and Techbical Section meetings and HP access (Member site) enables members to receive the latest information in a timely manner, enhances their knowledge and facilitates information exchange
  • Participation in General Assembly meetings and New Year gathering facilitate friendship, promote information exchange and expand network between members.

Membership Application Procedure

Fill in the prescribed application form and after signing it. send it with the required documents to the Secretariat at the address which appears below. Membership is granted once an application has been approved by the Board of Directors.


If you have any questions, please contact us

TEL:+81-3-5439-5320 Fax: +81-3-5439-5321

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